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Fear is unreliable

Below you can watch Will Smith giving his great speach about fear and how it influences you.

Will Smith managed to explain an important phenomenon in a very funny way here. As he explains, the point of maximum danger is a point of minimum fear. I believe that anyone can relate to his story. So often we are scared of things, people and events that we don’t know. So often we rather give up so we don’t have to face our fears. But why do we have those fears? Why are we so scared? It’s because our minds try to keep us safe. They constantly look for dangers and ways to prevent us from facing them. Our minds either find a real danger or they simply create one to keep you alert.


It’s sad that often we are just not strong enough to reach for our goals, for all those amazing things and people we could have in our lives, if we just tried harder. It’s a shame that we let our fears stop us from excitement, experiences and happiness. We let our fears take control over us, over our decisions and actions. We become servants of our fears.


We have to stop this. We have to look our fears in the eyes and say:

You listen to me. I am not going to obey!


Stop the oppression and start making your own decisions. Stop listening to your fears and whatever they say. In order to succeed you have to fight your fears first. As Smith says, the best things in life are on the other side of your biggest fears. And when you think about it, it’s true. Nothing really incredible happens without you overcoming some kind of fear. All the great things in your life take some courage to do. You have to overcome obstacles, you have to face your (often irrational) fear and risk to gain whatever you aim for. You have to earn it.


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Have you ever heard of T. Harv Eker? No? Well, he is a successful wealthy man who went from broke to making millions and millions of dollars every year.


Do you ask yourself what his secret is? How did he manage to go from zero to hero, from broke to a multi-millionaire? The answer is: he has been incredibly persistent and determined to succeed. He never gave up. He started several businesses, but all of those turned unsuccessful. After years of hard work and struggle he succeeded opening an early retail fitness store. He managed to grow his business to ten branches in two and half years. Selling of part of his business he made his first million and half. However, his money was gone quickly and he started to analyse the way we think about wealth and money.


Eker believes that every individual has a blueprint set for a specific level of financial achievement. He also believes that these blueprints can be changed. This was a turning point for Eker. He managed to change his own blueprint and set his mindset for wealth and also to keeping it. He subsequently developed training programs and seminars based on certain techniques and principles to help millions of people meet their potential and reach wealth.


Eker is an author of his best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind where he describes his wealth principles. It is a very good read. The idea is: when you show that you are ready for the money, you will get it. You need to become a millionaire in your mind and heart first in order to become wealthy. If you are not ready and cannot manage wealth, you will not get it. And if you get it, you will most probably lose it.


Mindset is a very powerful entity which can be trained. Anyone who is struggling today can succeed tomorrow, if they shift their poor mindset to a wealthy one. Start trainig you mind, learn how to be more mindful, monitor your thoughts and shift them when you do not like them. You can apply these principles in any area of your life. It works.


Power of thoughts

Maybe you already know, or suspect, that your thoughts create your reality. And you are right. Your thoughts project into your actions and into your subconscious and you start, either knowingly or unknowingly, taking steps towards your inner picture. You start adjusting everything you do in a way to fit your thoughts and beliefs. This is true with any thoughts. Even with those that could eventually lead to your failure. And even when you are not willing to admit the fact that your thoughts about yourself or your job or your abilities or your circumstances or whatever are undermining, you will still do whatever is needed for you to meet your expectations.


There are people who desire success and abundance, and they know it deep inside and they have no contraproductive thoughts, and even if they do, they know how to change them into productive ones. They are mindful. And they act in ways to get what they desire. They do not stop until they reach their destination. And there start to appear things and people and opportunities that will move them closer to fulfillment of their dreams. Because they deserve it – they believe in themselves and they do whatever it takes to succeed.


And there are people who SAY they desire success and abundance, but they secretely believe in the right opposite outcome. Thus they might even try to get where they want to be. However, their subconscious and their contraproductive thoughts and their fears lead to undermining actions and they never succeed.  Because they subconsciously create hostile environment for fulfillment of their dreams.


And there are even people who desire social agreement from others rather than self-fulfillment. Such people would do anything to lose and have others feeling pitty for them. They would boycott their chances and opportunities in life in order to fit in. Maybe it is because they fear social exclusion and maybe it is because they do not know any other way of living.


Overall, people differ in their life choices and accomplishments. But it all starts with a thought. It is up to each individual what they are going to do with it. Some desire success, some desire failure and some are confused and affraid. But most important is to be yourself – as long as you are truly happy. If not, change it. Power of your mind is tremendous and can get you anywhere, if you support it with determined action.


Opportunities come to those who look for them

There are different types of people with different sets of mind. There are people who look for solutions and there are people who only say they look for solution. But in reality the later only look for acceptance. When opportunity comes, those who seek it and those who are hungry to get it will take it and will get the most out of it. But those who only look for excuses will let it go. Those will not even try to make a change. Those only look for social agreement in their sorow.


Many people blame their circumstances for their failure. But circumstances do not determine whether you fail or you win. It is your inner power, your mindset, your faith in yourself and your abilities and skills and your hard work that determine your results.


People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if the can’t find them, make them.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)


John Lavenia talks about being at cause of happenings in your life in his book Integrity is Everything. You are either a part of the solution or you are a part of the problem. It is incredibly good read full of interesting remarks. John Lavenia is intelligent and very successful man who knows what he talks about. He is an inspiration for many of us and his book will give you a new perspective.


We are all creators of our lives. We either create them well or we neglect them. It is up to every single one of us what we do with our opportunity to live a life. If you believe in yourself, if you set your goals and deadlines, if you work hard and you work consistently, you will reach your goals. There might be bumps on the road but clear vision and determination can get you anywhere you want. Success is not an overnight event. It takes weeks, months, years, decades and even centuries to succeed. And it is about what is going on behind the curtains, it is about what you do when others do not see you.


Clear up  your vision, set your goals and work hard for them. Never stop and get what you are going for. You are the creator, you are the solution.


Balanced life

It is important to find a balance in our lives. Many people work too hard and forget about everyday joys. Others do not work hard enough and only search for joy. You cannot get successful without hard work, but what is success for if you do not have time to enjoy it with people you love? To live successful, happy and healthy lives we need to find a good balance between work and free time and joy.


Working hard is inevitable in order to make your dreams come true. You have to have your vision. Then you need to set your intentions, make plans and set deadlines. Also, you have to find out what means will be needed in order to accomplish your targets. Chunking your targets into smaller targets and setting a sequence of specific tasks and backing these up with deadlines are very powerful tools. Dividing your target into smaller chunks makes it much easier for you to succeed. Every time you accomplish another sub-target your self-confidence and motivation grow. Setting deadlines makes success real for you. Knowing your deadlines makes you do your best to stick to them. Again, your motivation grows and you work extra hard to do what you set to do.


However, the principles described above are not the only ones we should cherish. On top of clear vision and hard work, we need to learn to listen to ourselves and to relax. Meditation is a powerful tool. Everyday meditations allow you to find your higher self. You forget about your hard work and everything that surrounds you and about your deadlines and schedules for a bit and your fantasy goes wild. You relax and explore different dimensions. Your thoughts start chunking and splitting and you find new meanings and strategies. Meditations are secret weapon of highly successful people. The best ideas come from listening to your inner self, to your higher self, to your essence. Become interconnected with universe and its endless possibilities.


If you are new to meditations and you do not know how to meditate yourself, you could do a web search and look for a nearest metitaion centre. But if you prefer trying meditations in comfort of your own home, you could find these mobile applications handy: Headspace and Enso. Headspace is an application that provides guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. Enso is meditation timer and bell which is especially useful for those who tend to fall asleep while meditating.





This is why you do NOT succeed

Simon Sinek is incredibly inteligent and motivational speaker who explains new social challenge – lack of social skills, self-confidence, addiction to social media and lack of success among young generations born after 1994.


There’s so much wisdom and truth in his speach it’s scary. He talks about failed parenting and unsuccessful ever depressed youth. Overexposure to social media and instant gratification cause tremendous failures when dealing with everyday reality of adulthood.


Overconsumption of anything undermines either your physical or mental health, often both. Even though we base our businesses on social media and technology we shall engage in face-to-face interactions and getting out there with our families and friends and forget about our phones and computers. Do your business, that’s alright, but don’t forget to talk to people and enjoy life. We shall teach our children, support and motivate them but not to lie to them. They need to know what real world is about.



Life is about freedom. Freedom is about choices. And making choices is about your self-awareness, self-respect, self-confidence and self-determination. You cannot make good choices without believing in yourself and your skills, knowledge and abilities.


You will only become powerful in your life when you start making self-determined decisions and backing them up with the right actions. Because when you make decision, there is no going back. There is no escape route. You just have to go and act on your decision. That is when your mind does not even have chance to scare you. You don’t have time for fear. You are busy doing what you have to do in order to follow your decision and you forget about irrational fears and excuses. When you set yourself goals and immediately start acting on them you’ll leave no room for undermining thoughts. You’ll set yourself free … free from fear, from failure, from unfulfilled dreams, from disappointment.


Give me liberty or give me death!

Patrick Henry (1736 – 1799)


Successful people live free lives. They do not expect failure. They don’t give their fears chance to drag them down. They set themselves goals and they do whatever it takes to make them come true. When things don’t go the way they expected, they learn from the situation and continue in their pursuit. They don’t fail because they act and they learn and they succeed. Those who live without chasing their dreams are those who fail. Those are the ones who die inside.


Don’t be scared to make wrong decision, to do wrong thing. Because there’s no wrong move. You can only succeed or learn. But if you don’t listen to your desires and instincts you give up on your life. It’s only us being responsible for our decisions and actions, no one else. You cannot blame your circumstances or people around you for what happens to you. Once you take responsibility for your life and start making self-determined decisions and acting on them, you’ll find what you’re looking for. You’ll set yourself free.



It’s about your standpoint

Some people manage to start making money instantly and some take a little bit longer. But overall success comes down to hard work, having a good mentor, being willing to learn, and being committed and consistent.


Hard work is absolutely essential. You cannot get results without putting effort in their pursuit. What is hard for some is easy for others. But for most, sometimes, there happens to be a moment when you hit the concrete wall and you have to work hard to put it down. However, if you want something badly you’ll get it. Never stop because you never know how close to success you already are.


Those who think they already ‘know’ cannot succeed. And if they do succeed their success won’t remain for long. If you’re not willing to learn you’re predetermined to fail. Success is about getting knowledge and inspiration from people who already succeeded in your field, consistent learning and acquiring new skills. Doing otherwise only slows you down. And eventualy, you’ll realise that you don’t always know better. Even the greatest and most successful people learn from their mentors and others who have become successful in their field. Finding a good mentor should be your priority. With Digital Altitude you’re assigned your own mentor automaticaly.


Success requires a strong commitment. You won’t succeed fooling around – unless you are extremely lucky. You need to become committed to your vision, to your dream, to your strategy, to your pursuit, to your success. Without your commitment all your hard work and learning will be wasted. Because even though you might work hard on Monday morning, you may ruin everything by neglecting your pursuit on Tuesday evening. You’ve got to get committed.


Commitment goes hand in hand with consistency. First of all, consistent action (action carried out on regular basis) is a strong commitment itself. Second of all, by consistent action you create a lot of energy that must be responded to by a massive success. If you consistently create value, it will come back to you …. and in much bigger way. You get what you put out. Moreover consistency makes you a good name. You are seen as a reliable person who commits to their owm words.


My entrepreneurial beginnings

I was watching countless motivational videos and videos about personal growth and success. I became addicted to my vision of becoming independent. I was searching internet like crazy. I was determined to find something even I could do. Something that would set me free. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t looking for some ‘quick fix’. I was looking for a lifetime solution. I was, and I still am, willing to do whatever it takes to build my own business that will provide for me for lifetime.


I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how online business works. I had no idea what it takes to become an entrepreneur. I had no idea where to begin. And I had no idea who I could ask for help. And mentoring from others, from those who know how to succeed and who are masters in their field, is the most you can get to learn.


One day, in January 2017, I was watching this video shot by one Australian guy who used to be a plumber. He was talking about determination and hard work and about travelling the world and making money on the way. This guy was so pumped with energy it was unreal. I said to myself I wanted to do the exact same thing he was doing and I wanted to live the life he was living. And it was only a year later that I found out it happened. I found exactly the same system he was using.


In February 2017 I discovered this incredible educational platform Aspire System – Digital Altitude – created by Michael Force. I’m not going to lie here, I was sceptical at first. But they offered one month trial for 1 dollar which was a bargain. I had nothing to lose, apart from that one dollar which wasn’t big deal. I registered for this system and I was instantly given access to the platform and training videos. All videos were shot by Michael himself. The videos taught me a lot about online marketing from A to Z. It really was worth much much more than just a dollar. On top of this I even got my own coach and mentor who I had weekly 1-on-1 training calls with. Incredible value. There was no going bach for me. I stayed with the system (for just 37 dollars a month – still bargain) and I became an affiliate marketer there too.

Time has been passing fast and I’ve been getting new opportunities more and more often. All that because of me taking a massive action and going for my dreams. I showed universe that I know what I want, that I know who I am and I’m willing to do a hell of a work for it. Within a year I became an affiliate marketer for 4 different businesses and I invested in cryptocurrency. I created multiple streams of income for both me and my beloved partner.


Nothing stops there though. I am still learning new skills and tricks to create even more stable and passive income for life. There’s so much to learn and to try. It’s exciting finding new ways of living and making business from home. It’s incredible and powerful feeling to know that you went from zero knowledge and experience to actually being succesful and motivation for others.


If I managed to do it then anybody can do this too!


How it all continued …

Finishing my studies at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, and resigning on my manager position I decided to go travelling for longer period of time. I sorted all basic arrangements and organised all my stuff before my departure – imagine how liberating it is to get rid of all the things you do not need. All my equipment ready, backpack full, vaccination done, airtickets bought and I was ready to set off.


I had travelled places during my 4-year stay in Scotland but I had never been away for that long before. So going for this 3-month trip to South East Asia and 2-month stay in back home this was a big adventure for me. I had never been to Asia before so I had been extremely excited.


All backpackers know how much fun it is to travel without any plan or clue what is coming next. You never know where you might end up and who you might meet. World is full of interesting and good people always ready to help. Those free months became another important milestone of my life.


I had enough time to relax and to spend time getting to know myself better. I met influencers in mindfulness, Law of Attraction and meditation. Spending some time with them gave me a brand new perspective on my life and my opportunities.


Coming back from my adventure I knew I had to do something that would allow me to live free life without job, boss, schedules, shifts and asking for vacations. I had to find something that would make me financialy and job free. Going over many different options and doing a web search I stumbled over the opportunity to become an online entrepreneur.


Here I am. Still learning but already successful. I rule my life. I live my dream. Follow yours. It’s worth it.


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