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Lack of courage

Do you ever feel like you cannot do it? Do you ever feel like there is no way for you to accomplish what you have set for yourself? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stuck and you do not know what you should do first and what next? Do you ever feel discouraged and powerless?



It is ok. We all may feel this way sometimes. Important is to not give up. Sit back and relax. Let all your worries go. Clear your mind and think of nothing. You can meditate. Once your feelings of overwhelm and possibly anxiety are gone and you feel relieved, get yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Write down a list of all things you have to or want to do that day. Write them down as they come to your mind. Read and re-read your list a couple times to make sure you did not miss anything. Now when your list is complete, number the tasks from 1 to x (depending on number of tasks you have written down) – where 1 being the most important of the tasks and x being the least important of the tasks. This is your clear plan to be followed. Start with the most important tasks and work towards the less important ones. Remember, always focus one-hundred-percent on a task in question. Never multitask as this would both slow you down and overwhelm you again. Only once you are done with one task, move onto another one.


I myself become overwhelmed by my daily tasks sometimes, but I learnt to always come up with a to-do-list whenever I feel this way. It is no shame feeling like there is too much to be done in a short period of time and there is no way for you to manage it. This feeling comes and goes. Important is to overcome it and not let it discourage you. Fight your draw backs. Do not let them defeat you. You can do anything you want. You just need to learn how to overcome your fears and obstacles. Planning is a great strategy for overcoming all those things that pull you down.


Fight your way out of the troubles because no one else can do it for you. It is you and only you who can save you. If you feel down, get up again. Get back on your track and carry on pursuing your dreams. Nothing can stop you but yourself. Sometimes your courage fades but it is up to you to bring it back into it’s full strength. Focus clearly on what you want to accomplish, plan, act upon your plan, and you are going to get there.


Do not let anything discourage you. You are strong and deserve the best.



Dream on

Dream. More importantly dream big and often. Setting great goals for yourself is very important. Bigger the goal, greater the happiness once you attain them. It is better to shoot for the moon and end up lending in stars than aiming too low and never get even closer to your dream destination.



Every single successful person ever living on this planet started with a dream – a great dream. It all begins with a dream because that is our driving force. Our visions, our passions, our desires and our dreams are super powerful forces pushing us forward. Never stop following them. Always keep them on top of your mind. Write them down in details. Have them inscribed into your subconscious mind. Rehearse them every single day. Envision them. And follow them.


Those who want to succeed need to work on their mind. They need to, as famous Napoleon Hill put it, think and grow rich. However, his principles may be easily applied in any field of your life. His book Think and Grow Rich is a must read for everyone who aims high but struggles because of own limiting beliefs. Napoleon Hill spent over 20 years studying lives of over 500 successful and powerful, often even very wealthy, people of his time. His aim was to discover a wealth principle. Hill describes 13 principles that will help, if followed, anyone who desires to succeed in any field. Hill explains the importance of your dreams and detailed planning on how to attain them.


It is not important what resources you have, but how determined you are to attain your goals. If you really want something and you believe in it and you do whatever it takes to reach your goal, you are going to get there. Do not let anyone and anything to ruin your dreams … and most importantly, do not let yourself to forget your dreams, do not let yourself to not follow them.


If you dream it and you work for it, you will have it. Dream on.



Forget what is easy, do what is right

Doing what is easy is comfortable and does not require much effort. However, great results await you outside your comfort zone. Doing what is right is the way you shall go if you wish for success and abundant life.



So what is right? Anything that will get you where you want to be without deliberately harming others is right. Knowing what your goals are and acting upon them is right. Learning something new every day is right. Teaching and assisting others on their way to attaining their goals is right. Giving before requesting is right. Creating value and motivating others is right. Making your dreams come true is right.


Living your dream is not selfish, it is the right thing to do. Living a life of misery and sacrifice is something we were taught over generations. It is something that we believe and we think that successul and wealthy people are evil. We think that when we get what we ask for, someone else will get less. But the truth is that there is abundance of resources and everybody gets what they ask for.


If you truly believe that you are worth your visions and you ask for them to become true, they will. All your limiting beliefs must give a way to constructive ones. You need to condition your subconscious to think positive thoughts. Replace all negative thoughts for positive ones. Work on your new positive and successful mind every day. Write down your dreams and goals. Describe them in tiniest details. Write what, how, when and why you want to achieve them. Create a detailed plan on how you are doing to attain your dreams. Read these out loud in front of a mirror every day. You can do this twice daily – once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Be enthusiastic about what you have written down. Trust it. Condition yourself into living your dreams in your head and heart now. The results will come at the right time.


Be grateful. Thank for your dream lifestyle now and wait for it to be delivered. Be ready and observant. You will be given your chances and opportunities to get where you want to be. But you have to be ready for them. Look in a mirror and say out loud what you are already grateful for. Say what you wish for and thank for that too. Give your undivided attention to your dreams and visions. Eliminate all other thoughts that could slow you down or even prevent you from attaining them.


Think positively, aim high and live a happy life.



Find your own way

Success follows your interest. Doing things you dislike will not get you anywhere. It is very unlikely that you could excel in a field you do not have any interet in.  On the other hand, once you find something you realy enjoy doing … something that interests you …. you are on the right way to success. Find out what your passions are. Learn what your heart beats for and what brings happiness into your life.



And once you know what makes you truly happy, start your research. Learn from those who already succeeded in a field of your interest. Look out for inspiration. Consider and compare various points of view, theories, strategies and approaches. Educate yourself regularly and constantly. Re-invest in yourself, your knowledge, skills and abilities. More importantly, put your new knowledge into practice.


It is important to shadow those who have the desired results.  It is alright to get inspired and seek coaching and mentoring. It is beneficial to look for wisdom of those who are already there where you want to be. Learn new ways of doing things. Doing things the same way you have always been doing is not going to bring you new results. Innovate and find new ways. That is how new results will come your way.


Learning from successful people, constant re-investments into your knowledge and putting this into practice are essential steps towards your own success. However, it all starts with the very basis of your effort – your desire, your passion, your vision, your goal. Something that makes you wake up in the morning and will not let you fall asleep at night. Something that makes you smile. Something that you want to and need to be doing for the rest of your life.


Every one of us is different. We might seem to be similar and have a lot in common but we are not the same. We all have our own original points of view and wishes. We choose different ways of doing things and we have different goals. Different people may have similar visions but they will always vary in details based on our personalities. That is why it is important to do things your way. Use what you have learnt, add your passion and your particular interests and personal traits to do things your own way. This is your way. This makes you special. This keeps you going.



Ups and downs

Our lives, people we meet, emotions and feelings we feel and situations we go through are like a rich colour pallet. Never do we experience two exact same life events. Never do we meet two exact same people. Never there is a situation happening in exact same manner twice. Never can you love two different people the same way. Therefore, you never know what life will bring your way next time.



Yes, we do create our own reality. But we only set our goals. The way these are brought onto us is not under our control. It is essential to create definite plans on how you intend to attain your goals. However, you may reach your destination half way through the plan. Or you may need to extend your plans a bit to get where you are heading. The point is, whether you follow every single step of your plan or you alter it on the way, you never know when exactly you will get what you strive for. You may get is sooner or later, one way or another. But you will get there. Do not give up.


Life events may be both favourable and unfavourable. There are going to be bumps on the road. This should not stop you though. The best things in life wait for you just past your fear. You cannot get something for nothing. You must show that you are willing to do anything it takes. You must prove your persistance and determination. You must be willing to overcome failure and go on. You must show that you are the one who is worth the things you wish for. You must be ready for them. You will not get anything untill you are ready for it.


Become flexible. You do not have to stick to a certain strategy, tool, system or company. They all come and go. All you need to concentrate on is your destination, your goal, your vision. The rest can be altered on your way. Do not let trips and falls stop you from getting what you desire. Always have your goal on top of your mind. Be persistent and do not allow people who surround you make you think your goals and dreams are stupid or unrealistic.


I was looking for the right system to enable me to make money online. Without any experience I found a great company that provided me with a ton of training and support. I was a happy member of their family. I learned a lot and I was on a way to making my dreams come true.  However, the system got shut down. I did not know what to think or what to do. My money I invested in the system was gone and I did not know what to do. Luckily, thanks to my new comunity – people I connected with due to the system in question – I was instantly offered another opportunity. I did not let this unfortunate event crush me. I lost money and I lost security but I found amazing people and I learned a lot. So when new opportunity came along I was ready for it. I had to alter my plan but I am getting where I want to be.


Always follow your heart and NEVER ever let failure stop you from getting what you wish for.


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