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Choose the right reality

Reality is a state of things and being as they actually are and exist. We live real lives and we rely on real things. We tend to be skeptical to supernatural phenomenons. Human history was filled with supernatural beliefs and superstitions. People believed in Gods and explained everything new and strange to them as God’s work. However, with arising scientific discoveries and expansion of rational reasoning human kind became vastly skeptical to supernatural occurrences and became reliant on reality and reason.



For masses the development meant loss of beliefs and hopes in something more – something that we cannot explain by reason. We lost our hope in the power which determines our lives and life chances. We believe in science and physical evidence of things and happenings. We are taught in schools to rely on our capacity of reason and logical thinking. But our schooling systems neglect the emotional and self development elements in our education. They teach us what they want us to become. They offer no or very limited space for self expression. They narrow our thinking to scientific and factual kind. Our imagination, faith and open mindedness are limited though.


Of course, there are many people who are religious and they have their faith. They believe there is something bigger than us that can control or influence our lives. There are many forms of beliefs and they all come with different influences. However, it is not just about religious beliefs. There are scientists who believe and proved that universe is a massive power system that works based on vibrations and various universal laws, like the Law of Attraction.


These scientists have conducted various researches proving that our past, presence and future interact with each other and influence each other and that our decisions reflect in all three of them. We create our own reality and we get to choose which reality we want to live. There is always more possible realities ready for us based on our past and present decisions and these are presented in forms of opportunities and it’s up to us to choose which way, thus which reality, we want to go and live.


There are people who believe in destiny and that their lives and destinies have been set by God and cannot be altered. They believe that what they live has been created for them and they have to take whatever is given to them. For example, if they become unemployed, they believe it was supposed to happen because it was God’s will. There are people who reject any supernatural or spiritual forms of influence in their lives and they only rely on their reason and merely see their lives as summary of occurrences that can be explained by reason – occurrences that logically follow each other. For instance, if they become unemployed, they explain it as a result of bad economy, horrible boss, lack of work opportunities, … you name it. And there are people who believe in power of their thoughts and universal laws. They know that if they learn how to communicate with universe, they will get anything they ask for. They know that they themselves choose their realities and whatever happens in their lives. For example, if they become unemployed, they know it was because they wished better employment for themselves and they needed to become available first. They immediately open up to new opportunities and become ready for what will be coming their way.


It is all up to you. You can always make change. You can always decide what you really want in your life. You can live the way you have always lived or you can do your research and start living in more controlled and satisfactory way. You can choose your future. You can choose what will come your way.



Swim upstream

Comformity is rooted in our subconscious minds. We blindly desire to blend in and become just like everybody else. We want a spouse, a house, kids, a career, a good car, a great holiday once or twice a year, a good salary and a promise of sufficient retirement rent.



Yet, the greatest stories and inventions of man kind come from being different, being special, wanting more, having ambitions, striving for advancements in life and desire of becoming someone. What world would we live in, if we all only strived for conformity and basic needs satisfaction. We would still be living in caves hunting mammoths.


Being different makes whole society adjust to new ways of living. It advances humanity. It pushes us forward. When Henry Ford first introduced his cars, people ridiculed him. They believed that his invention was just a silly idea and that people would ride horses forever. The opposite is true nowadays. The list of examples goes on and on. But pushing boundaries of social approval is not just about inventions.


Millions upon millions of individuals have been made to conform or punished for their failure to do so. This has been a truth since the dawn of our civilization. Rulers ruled their clans, territories and kingdoms, and others had to obey. Those who did not, were punished. People have been killing each other because of their religions. During the World War II millions of people were killed because they did not meet Nazi’s criteria. Today, people are harassed and ridiculed because of their sexuality, religion, money situation, image, even style of clothing, …. and the list goes on and on.


Injustice has been happing to people over centuries and thousands of years. However, man kind learnt that development is inevitable and that diversity is a positive and not negative aspect of our lives. Learning about other cultures and accepting people of different religion beliefs and individuals of different sexualities, skin colors, abilities and interests make our development possible.


Every single one of us is slightly or vastly different to everybody else. So please let’s be a little bit more understanding and open every day. This is a beautiful world full of interesting people and you can find something nice or interesting about single one of them. And do not forget to be yourself. Do not blend in. Show world who you truly are. Diversity is beautiful.



Today is the day

Do you ever tell yourself that right now is not the right time … that you have to wait on better circumstances, better timing, better people, better equipment, better skills, … ? Why is it so? Why do we tend to believe that there is always something and someone better than what we have and who we are? How can we be so certain that we are not enough and that we are not equipped well enough to gain any goal we set for ourselves? Resources are inexhaustible. We can do anything at any time and anywhere we set for yourselves. Even if we do not have what we need for our success, we can get it. If we ask for it, we will get anything we want. If we open up our minds and look out for opportunities that are given to us, we will succeed. Our only limitation is ourselves. Only our own small mindedness can prevent us from getting anywhere and anything we want. 



Once your mind is set on a certain goal, act on it. Act first and then aim. Boldness will carry you towards your dream destination. Remember that there is no ‘perfect time’, but any time is perfect. Once you know what your deepest desire is, go get it. There is no reason why you could not get where you want to be. You deserve the best. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to fulfill your potential. You just have to want it. And you have to want it a lot. You have to want it so much that you dream about it, you visualize yourself there where you want to be, you live your dream already, you feel its presence in your today’s life, and you know that you deserve it and you know that it is what you have. Then go and act upon your desire. Even if you only do a little action today, it can mean a huge jump for you in future. You may be puzzled and not sure what to do. You may think that there is no way for you to manage it. But do not get fooled. You can do anything. Just go for it. Start small and progress higher. Start doing your research and see what your options are. If you truly want it, you will find your ways to attain it. 


Beginning might be harsh, but have your goals still on top of your mind and you will get through it. There is nothing sweeter in your life than getting that which you wish, living your dream life. Remember to act on your dreams. Do not wait for tomorrow, next month, next year … and start acting now. There are never going to be just the perfect conditions – you will always be working long hours, have families, be in love, be traveling or going through some kind of crisis. So start today. Stop wasting your precious time and make your life the best life. 



Be open to new opportunities

How many times have you wondered ‘What could have happened if I only …’ – fill in the gap with whatever relates to you. Probably every one of us have a regret or two. Some of us have even more. We were taught how to live our lives and we were conditioned into having certain aspirations in our lives. Our societies have been developing in specific notions for centuries and we have been going with the flow unaware of what has been going on behind the scenes. The truth is that minority rules majority. Ninety percent of all wealth belongs to ten percent of all population. And ninety percent of population works for those wealthy ten percent of ‘rulers’.



Why is it so then? It is because those ten percent of population discovered what they really wanted in their lives and decided to get it no matter what it takes. They worked hard to get what belongs to them. They stepped out of their comfort zones and set themselves free from the main stream way of living. They had their dreams and they acted on them. They actively looked for opportunities and worked their asses of to get where they are. They continue to educate themselves and they always look for new approaches and strategies to make more money and more importantly to retain them. They keep working less and making more money because they elevate their business systems and they have others work for them. They do their business in smart and efficient way. Anything they do, they do it to 100% and they still look for innovation.


What I am trying to say here is that there are countless opportunities for every single one of us. We just have to be open to them and once we come across them, start acting on them. We need to become more consciously aware of our living conditions and the way we address our lives. We need to appreciate our lives and everything we have. But we need to start looking for more, for something that will make us truly happy. We need to set our goals and create plans on how to attain them. We need to look out for opportunities that will take us closer to our dream destination.


Love your life and make it the best life possible.



A book a day keeps poverty away

In modern world where there are countless media, new technologies and various distractions we tend to forget about books and learning from other sources than mass media and mainstream information channels. We tend to focus on the visual and to neglect the written content. When looking for answers we run a couple of internet searches and quickly skim through the content. While doing so, we often forget to focus on the context though. We look for specific answers for our specific questions, just to make our search as quick as possible.



Don’t get me wrong, I love having all the answers to my questions ready for me and accessible by a couple of quick web searches. But there is a whole lot of value in reading books and journals and a whole range of educational and self-development materials. There is so much more value in reading a whole piece of content than in just getting the answers you are looking for. By reading the whole bit, you happen to find more answers, explanations, revelations, tips, hacks, inspiration and entertainment.


There are countless master pieces out there that you can learn from. There are numerous resources for any topic you pick. The history of book and journal writing is long and there are masses of quality and interesting information out there. Don’t limit yourself to mainstream resources and mass media that only share specific pieces of information with you. Broaden your viewpoint, refresh your imagination and expand your general knowledge. More context you know easier you can decide what is best for you.


I don’t mean that you should know every single bit of everything that was/has been/is going on, but try to focus on the field of your interest. As well as you follow new trends and opportunities, learn from past strategies and inventions and explanations. Compare what used to work back then and what is happening now. Find the best compromise, the best solution for yourself. Make decisions based on your knowledge instead of on what others tell you to do. Rely on your know how.



Listen to your intuition

Reason is a big part of our lives. We are brought up to reason things and to understand them. We are taught to think twice and to act once. We are taught to think before we act. We need things to make sense. We rely on our ability to understand and we get uncomfortable when we do not get things. Over centuries we slowly forgot to rely on our intuition. We neglect it and we are not too keen on listening to it. Often we do not trust our intuition and we consider it misleading. We put reason over intuition.



What is this intuition then? Intuition is your ability to understand things based on your instincts, without you consciously reasoning them. Our instincts were designed to protect us, to keep us safe from various dangers. Our instincts have been evolving over the time in accordance to our own development and changing nature of dangerous we have been facing.


Nowadays, most people are not in direct danger of losing their lives every single day due to various predators, extreme weather conditions or lack of food. Today, most of us face different dangers and difficulties. These may vary from lack of education or expertise, over lack of social inclusion, to work overload or powerful competition. People adapt to their environment and thus even to changing nature of setbacks and dangers. Many professionals develop instincts related to their profession that protect them from losses and enable them to get big achievements in their field. Non-professionals also develop instincts related to their life situations. Bidders develop instincts for bidding. Criminals develop instincts to stay away out of prison. Nurses develop instincts for the right care. And the list goes on and on.


Instincts and intuition are important parts of our lives and our decision making processes. Reason is essential for our everyday tasks and our overall development. But we must not forget to pay attention to our inborn strength – our natural equipment that has been keeping us safe and sound over thousands of years. Whenever your reason fails you, sit down, relax and listen to your inner self. Listen to your wild yourself. Listen to your natural you. Your instincts are right. Sometimes your reason will not agree with your intuition but that is ok. Reason is powerful but it is not almighty. After all, reason is a summary of what you have learnt and collected over years. You cannot fail yourself. Give yourself a chance.



Doing things a certain way

You may wonder what the secret behind success of all those famous and wealthy and influential induviduals is. Could it be money? Could it be inherited privileges? Could it be living in bigger cities? Or is it due to better education?



There are many theories of success and different people take different approaches to understanding the success formula. It is in our human nature to avoid that which could harm us. We tend to avoid or eliminate that which could make us feel bad. We tend to stay in our comfort zone. We tend to avoid that which we do not know. We tend to do that which we believe we should. So what is it that really makes successful people different to us? Is it what they know, what they have, what they do?


Famous Wallace D. Wattles describes the secret to success in his book The Science Of Getting Rich. The secret is doing things a Certain Way. Some people had to work hard for their money and their success, some got their possession by a chance. However, no one has ever retained their wealth without doing things a Certain Way.


It is all about your mindset and doing things the way other successful people have done them. Anybody can become somebody if they are determined and they follow their heart and they go the right way. It is not about having before succeeding but about succeeding before having.


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