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A book a day keeps poverty away

In modern world where there are countless media, new technologies and various distractions we tend to forget about books and learning from other sources than mass media and mainstream information channels. We tend to focus on the visual and to neglect the written content. When looking for answers we run a couple of internet searches and quickly skim through the content. While doing so, we often forget to focus on the context though. We look for specific answers for our specific questions, just to make our search as quick as possible.



Don’t get me wrong, I love having all the answers to my questions ready for me and accessible by a couple of quick web searches. But there is a whole lot of value in reading books and journals and a whole range of educational and self-development materials. There is so much more value in reading a whole piece of content than in just getting the answers you are looking for. By reading the whole bit, you happen to find more answers, explanations, revelations, tips, hacks, inspiration and entertainment.


There are countless master pieces out there that you can learn from. There are numerous resources for any topic you pick. The history of book and journal writing is long and there are masses of quality and interesting information out there. Don’t limit yourself to mainstream resources and mass media that only share specific pieces of information with you. Broaden your viewpoint, refresh your imagination and expand your general knowledge. More context you know easier you can decide what is best for you.


I don’t mean that you should know every single bit of everything that was/has been/is going on, but try to focus on the field of your interest. As well as you follow new trends and opportunities, learn from past strategies and inventions and explanations. Compare what used to work back then and what is happening now. Find the best compromise, the best solution for yourself. Make decisions based on your knowledge instead of on what others tell you to do. Rely on your know how.


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