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Are we being brainwashed?

If our minds are designed to remain alert and constantly look for danger to keep us safe, then it could be easy to use this fact against masses. Fear is powerful and those who control it, control masses. When we are scared, we can be easily manipulated. If you add the great influence that mass media have, you get an extremely powerful tool to control millions of people. There are countless news chanels and newspapers and magazines and online news and radio news. Surrounding ourselves with these we fall in dangerous trap. When we are scared, we listen to and we obey by those who will keep us safe. We trade our liberty for safety. But are we really in such danger we think …. in such danger we are told?


Video below is about crime and influence that mass media have on us.


Due to influence of mass media and the bad news they constantly spread, we tend to believe that our world becomes more and more dangerous. But¬†Rob Dial¬†claims that this age is the safest time in history of human kind. Different people believe different things and I am not trying to make you think something you are not comfortable with. This is what I believe in. I have stopped watching TV, listening to radio and reading newspapers. I feel much better. I started listening to motivational podcast, watching intelectual videos and reading educational books and articles. I live happier and more positive life. I focuse on things I like, not things I don’t.


As Rob Dial says, you can brainwash yourself with good stuff. It’s easier than you think and anybody can do it. You can condition yourself into anything you want to become. You are the only person who can truly make a difference in your life. You may remain under influence of others or you may become your own influencer.


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