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Avoid multitasking



Multitasking is a specific way of working. It is referred to as doing multiple different activities at the same time, respectively it is sequential switching between tasks. This can become a habbit for certain people and in some cases it might even lead to problems with attention.


Women are believed to be able to multitask. But is that true? Partially yes. In general, women are good at coordinating multiple different tasks at the same time. However, it is only possible when women are familiar with such tasks, when the tasks can be completed routinely without actively thinking about them.


Overall though, multitasking is a myth. Human brain is not capable of solving two or more problems at the same time. Instead, it switches between the tasks so fast that we believe that we are able to think of them at the same time. Thus we do not pay a full attention to any of the tasks in question. Human brain cannot simultaneously understand and solve a number of different problems. First of all, it’s because we cannot divide our attention among the tasks, we have to swith our attention from one task to another – which slowers the whole process. And secondly, different problems are dealt with in different regions of brain. And once all the data are processed and particular memories related to the task are recalled, brain sends a signal for our next action. So doing simultaneously a bunch of tasks that require our attention and active thinking actually lowers our effectiveness and we take much longer to finish the tasks, our brains are overloaded and we tend to make more mistakes while multitasking.


Paying full and undivided attention to one task at the time and then moving onto other task is much more effective and faster way of solving problems. We tend to make less mistakes. We are less likely confused or overloaded and our results are much better. Come up with a system. Sort your tasks into groups or chunk the bigger tasks into smaller ones so you can see your progress. Go step by step, one thing after another. The most successful people are those who do NOT multitask. Successful people focus on the task that is most important, finish it, and then move onto less important ones. They eliminate any distractions so their attention is fully focused on the task they are currently doing.


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