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You may have noticed that increasing number of people become or want to become digital nomads, online entrepreneurs and freelancers – like translators or programators, online businesses owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, journalists, youtubers or instagram influencers. The list goes on and on. There are many possibilities and opportunities to make money online from wherever you are – of course, as long as you have a good internet connection.


Individuals of different age groups, ethnicities, religions, sexes and abilities travel the world and make money online while visiting the most incredible places on our planet. They live their lives while working. They work while living their lives. They don’t waste a minute of their time on this planet. They decided to enjoy every day. They decided to live fully. Because even when they work, they enjoy panoramic views, great food and drinks, company of friendly and relaxed people, soak up some sun shine, swin in seas and oceans or lagoons, jump off the cliffs, swim with dolphins, scuba dive, sky dive and so on and on. And you can live this life too. All it takes is determination and a little bit of courage.


To live your life fully too you can take it slowly. Maybe you can start by doing a new thing every day. You can start travelling more. You can start visiting your friends and family more. You can join yoga classes. You can start talking to random people in the streets or in bars and cafés. Some people can get scared or annoyed with you talking to them. But many will be pleased with a nice random conversation. And you may find new friends. And you never know, they might bring some exciting opportunities into your life. More things you try and more people you meet and know, more experiences you gain, more you learn, more opportunities you get and more fun you have. And that’s what travelling is about – well all that plus seeing all the beautiful wonders of our world 😀 .


When you teach yourself to live for experience, fun, opportunity, enjoyment and meeting new and interesting people; you’ll see that becoming a digital nomad, freelancer or seasonal worker is not that scary anymore. I know that many of you already have families and certain responsibilities, but there are various options for travelling with family too. Some people work a great deal of a year and then take a few months off to travel the world. Some sell all they have, buy a family camper van and live and work on the road. Some even travel for work.


This kind of lifestyle is exciting. You will visit incredible places, meet amazing people, experience various situations from the funny ones all the way to the scary ones. You will get tired and homesick. You will feel like you never want to go back home. You will be fee and you will struggle. There is so much that can happen on your journey, but that’s the beauty of it.


Travelling (and I don’t mean to holiday resorts) takes courage and not everybody can do it. Some individuals are better off staying home in their safe place and maybe going on a vacation once or twice a year. And that’s OK. We all are different. Some people seek adventure and some prefer other values. Important is to make your life your perfect life. Do what you love. Do what you want to do. Do what excites you and what makes you happy. Be yourself. You only have one chance to live this life. So live up to your standards.


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