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Choose the right reality

Reality is a state of things and being as they actually are and exist. We live real lives and we rely on real things. We tend to be skeptical to supernatural phenomenons. Human history was filled with supernatural beliefs and superstitions. People believed in Gods and explained everything new and strange to them as God’s work. However, with arising scientific discoveries and expansion of rational reasoning human kind became vastly skeptical to supernatural occurrences and became reliant on reality and reason.



For masses the development meant loss of beliefs and hopes in something more – something that we cannot explain by reason. We lost our hope in the power which determines our lives and life chances. We believe in science and physical evidence of things and happenings. We are taught in schools to rely on our capacity of reason and logical thinking. But our schooling systems neglect the emotional and self development elements in our education. They teach us what they want us to become. They offer no or very limited space for self expression. They narrow our thinking to scientific and factual kind. Our imagination, faith and open mindedness are limited though.


Of course, there are many people who are religious and they have their faith. They believe there is something bigger than us that can control or influence our lives. There are many forms of beliefs and they all come with different influences. However, it is not just about religious beliefs. There are scientists who believe and proved that universe is a massive power system that works based on vibrations and various universal laws, like the Law of Attraction.


These scientists have conducted various researches proving that our past, presence and future interact with each other and influence each other and that our decisions reflect in all three of them. We create our own reality and we get to choose which reality we want to live. There is always more possible realities ready for us based on our past and present decisions and these are presented in forms of opportunities and it’s up to us to choose which way, thus which reality, we want to go and live.


There are people who believe in destiny and that their lives and destinies have been set by God and cannot be altered. They believe that what they live has been created for them and they have to take whatever is given to them. For example, if they become unemployed, they believe it was supposed to happen because it was God’s will. There are people who reject any supernatural or spiritual forms of influence in their lives and they only rely on their reason and merely see their lives as summary of occurrences that can be explained by reason – occurrences that logically follow each other. For instance, if they become unemployed, they explain it as a result of bad economy, horrible boss, lack of work opportunities, … you name it. And there are people who believe in power of their thoughts and universal laws. They know that if they learn how to communicate with universe, they will get anything they ask for. They know that they themselves choose their realities and whatever happens in their lives. For example, if they become unemployed, they know it was because they wished better employment for themselves and they needed to become available first. They immediately open up to new opportunities and become ready for what will be coming their way.


It is all up to you. You can always make change. You can always decide what you really want in your life. You can live the way you have always lived or you can do your research and start living in more controlled and satisfactory way. You can choose your future. You can choose what will come your way.


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