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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

More work and effort you put into something, more and better results you get back. When you show universe that you want something badly, you will be rewarded. There will be difficulties and obstacles on your way, but if you remain focused and you keep working on your dreams, they will come true eventually. 


I still remember dreaming about visiting and living in beautiful destinations all over the globe when I was little. I was born into loving but not so much adventurous or rich family. My mum would do anything for me, but she never really understood my passion for traveling. She always did her best to give me everything I needed and she always tried to make me happy. She would take me on my first vacations, to finally visit sea sides. She would pay for my school trips and send me off for adventures with my Girl Scout group. She would always take me skiing in winters and cycling in summers. My dad was a keen cyclist and we would spend whole spring, summer and autumn on our bicycles. We would visit castles, swim in lakes and explore mountains. I was one happy kid.



But when I grew older I suddenly started to feel like I needed something more. I wanted to see more, visit more countries, meet more people, do more things, have less stuff, live freer life and be even happier. I wanted to live different life than my parents. I wanted to live stress free, adventurous, happy life. I left my home and started living in foreign country. It was scary and difficult at first. My mum was devastated that I left home and I was facing various difficulties in new country. The beginning were not easy, but it all worked out eventually. My life changed drastically and I am a new person now. Even though the change did not happen over night, it was a long process. It took me seven years to get where I am now. But I loved every moment of it.


I had to overcome my own set backs to get where I am, but it was all worth it. I am happy for what I have achieved during those seven years. I have been doing what I love with people I love. I have seen incredible places and met amazing people. And there is much more to come my way because I have not given up. 


So if you have any dream, do not give up, do your best, go for it and be persistent. Everything you desire will come your way, if you really want it and you are willing to fight for it.


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