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Doing things a certain way

You may wonder what the secret behind success of all those famous and wealthy and influential induviduals is. Could it be money? Could it be inherited privileges? Could it be living in bigger cities? Or is it due to better education?



There are many theories of success and different people take different approaches to understanding the success formula. It is in our human nature to avoid that which could harm us. We tend to avoid or eliminate that which could make us feel bad. We tend to stay in our comfort zone. We tend to avoid that which we do not know. We tend to do that which we believe we should. So what is it that really makes successful people different to us? Is it what they know, what they have, what they do?


Famous Wallace D. Wattles describes the secret to success in his book The Science Of Getting Rich. The secret is doing things a Certain Way. Some people had to work hard for their money and their success, some got their possession by a chance. However, no one has ever retained their wealth without doing things a Certain Way.


It is all about your mindset and doing things the way other successful people have done them. Anybody can become somebody if they are determined and they follow their heart and they go the right way. It is not about having before succeeding but about succeeding before having.


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