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Dream on

Dream. More importantly dream big and often. Setting great goals for yourself is very important. Bigger the goal, greater the happiness once you attain them. It is better to shoot for the moon and end up lending in stars than aiming too low and never get even closer to your dream destination.



Every single successful person ever living on this planet started with a dream – a great dream. It all begins with a dream because that is our driving force. Our visions, our passions, our desires and our dreams are super powerful forces pushing us forward. Never stop following them. Always keep them on top of your mind. Write them down in details. Have them inscribed into your subconscious mind. Rehearse them every single day. Envision them. And follow them.


Those who want to succeed need to work on their mind. They need to, as famous Napoleon Hill put it, think and grow rich. However, his principles may be easily applied in any field of your life. His book Think and Grow Rich is a must read for everyone who aims high but struggles because of own limiting beliefs. Napoleon Hill spent over 20 years studying lives of over 500 successful and powerful, often even very wealthy, people of his time. His aim was to discover a wealth principle. Hill describes 13 principles that will help, if followed, anyone who desires to succeed in any field. Hill explains the importance of your dreams and detailed planning on how to attain them.


It is not important what resources you have, but how determined you are to attain your goals. If you really want something and you believe in it and you do whatever it takes to reach your goal, you are going to get there. Do not let anyone and anything to ruin your dreams … and most importantly, do not let yourself to forget your dreams, do not let yourself to not follow them.


If you dream it and you work for it, you will have it. Dream on.


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