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Fear is unreliable

Below you can watch Will Smith giving his great speach about fear and how it influences you.

Will Smith managed to explain an important phenomenon in a very funny way here. As he explains, the point of maximum danger is a point of minimum fear. I believe that anyone can relate to his story. So often we are scared of things, people and events that we don’t know. So often we rather give up so we don’t have to face our fears. But why do we have those fears? Why are we so scared? It’s because our minds try to keep us safe. They constantly look for dangers and ways to prevent us from facing them. Our minds either find a real danger or they simply create one to keep you alert.


It’s sad that often we are just not strong enough to reach for our goals, for all those amazing things and people we could have in our lives, if we just tried harder. It’s a shame that we let our fears stop us from excitement, experiences and happiness. We let our fears take control over us, over our decisions and actions. We become servants of our fears.


We have to stop this. We have to look our fears in the eyes and say:

You listen to me. I am not going to obey!


Stop the oppression and start making your own decisions. Stop listening to your fears and whatever they say. In order to succeed you have to fight your fears first.¬†As Smith says, the best things in life are on the other side of your biggest fears. And when you think about it, it’s true. Nothing really incredible happens without you overcoming some kind of fear. All the great things in your life take some courage to do. You have to overcome obstacles, you have to face your (often irrational) fear and risk to gain whatever you aim for. You have to earn it.


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