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Forget what is easy, do what is right

Doing what is easy is comfortable and does not require much effort. However, great results await you outside your comfort zone. Doing what is right is the way you shall go if you wish for success and abundant life.



So what is right? Anything that will get you where you want to be without deliberately harming others is right. Knowing what your goals are and acting upon them is right. Learning something new every day is right. Teaching and assisting others on their way to attaining their goals is right. Giving before requesting is right. Creating value and motivating others is right. Making your dreams come true is right.


Living your dream is not selfish, it is the right thing to do. Living a life of misery and sacrifice is something we were taught over generations. It is something that we believe and we think that successul and wealthy people are evil. We think that when we get what we ask for, someone else will get less. But the truth is that there is abundance of resources and everybody gets what they ask for.


If you truly believe that you are worth your visions and you ask for them to become true, they will. All your limiting beliefs must give a way to constructive ones. You need to condition your subconscious to think positive thoughts. Replace all negative thoughts for positive ones. Work on your new positive and successful mind every day. Write down your dreams and goals. Describe them in tiniest details. Write what, how, when and why you want to achieve them. Create a detailed plan on how you are doing to attain your dreams. Read these out loud in front of a mirror every day. You can do this twice daily – once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Be enthusiastic about what you have written down. Trust it. Condition yourself into living your dreams in your head and heart now. The results will come at the right time.


Be grateful. Thank for your dream lifestyle now and wait for it to be delivered. Be ready and observant. You will be given your chances and opportunities to get where you want to be. But you have to be ready for them. Look in a mirror and say out loud what you are already grateful for. Say what you wish for and thank for that too. Give your undivided attention to your dreams and visions. Eliminate all other thoughts that could slow you down or even prevent you from attaining them.


Think positively, aim high and live a happy life.


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