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How it all began

Hi again :).

Let me introduce myself properly. My full name is Jaroslava Mlcochova but everybody just calls me Jara (pronounced as Yara). Originally I come from Czech Republic. For those who don’t know Czech Republic it is a rather small country in Central Europe surrounded by Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. And we only have over 10,5 million inhabitants.


This little world used to be everything I knew; everything I had. It’s funny how narrow minded a person can be without even noticing it. I used to take values and dreams of my family and friends for my own without even thinking about them. I was young and unaware of all the possibilities our world offers. I was blind and death.


Luckily for me, I was offered an opportunity to study abroad. And even though I was afraid of change, something was telling me to go. The day I decided I was going to study at university in Scotland I started unknowlingly, unconsciously creating a brand new life for myself. Back then I did not know what that decision would mean for my future. But now I know.


I started studying a course called Social Sciences which was completely different to my former specialisation – Economics. Fortunately, this course gave me a lot of insight into my own thinking and belief system. I started shifting my perspectives from what I was supposed to do and what I should do to what I really wanted to do. I started realising that my desires matter.


And ever since I also started travelling and visiting foreign countries and meeting incredible people of various backgrounds who I had never imagined I could be friends with, I let go of my prejudices and fears. I opened up my heart and my mind. I’ve never felt better. I’ve never felt more free.┬áIncredible opportunities started coming my way and I’ve been unconsciously creating better future for myself.


The point of my story here is that you should listen to your instincts. And becoming aware of your desires and shifting your mindset from negative to the positive one is step number one on your way to success.


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