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How it all continued …

Finishing my studies at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, and resigning on my manager position I decided to go travelling for longer period of time. I sorted all basic arrangements and organised all my stuff before my departure – imagine how liberating it is to get rid of all the things you do not need. All my equipment ready, backpack full, vaccination done, airtickets bought and I was ready to set off.


I had travelled places during my 4-year stay in Scotland but I had never been away for that long before. So going for this 3-month trip to South East Asia and 2-month stay in back home this was a big adventure for me. I had never been to Asia before so I had been extremely excited.


All backpackers know how much fun it is to travel without any plan or clue what is coming next. You never know where you might end up and who you might meet. World is full of interesting and good people always ready to help. Those free months became another important milestone of my life.


I had enough time to relax and to spend time getting to know myself better. I met influencers in mindfulness, Law of Attraction and meditation. Spending some time with them gave me a brand new perspective on my life and my opportunities.


Coming back from my adventure I knew I had to do something that would allow me to live free life without job, boss, schedules, shifts and asking for vacations. I had to find something that would make me financialy and job free. Going over many different options and doing a web search I stumbled over the opportunity to become an online entrepreneur.


Here I am. Still learning but already successful. I rule my life. I live my dream. Follow yours. It’s worth it.


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