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Lack of courage

Do you ever feel like you cannot do it? Do you ever feel like there is no way for you to accomplish what you have set for yourself? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stuck and you do not know what you should do first and what next? Do you ever feel discouraged and powerless?



It is ok. We all may feel this way sometimes. Important is to not give up. Sit back and relax. Let all your worries go. Clear your mind and think of nothing. You can meditate. Once your feelings of overwhelm and possibly anxiety are gone and you feel relieved, get yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Write down a list of all things you have to or want to do that day. Write them down as they come to your mind. Read and re-read your list a couple times to make sure you did not miss anything. Now when your list is complete, number the tasks from 1 to x (depending on number of tasks you have written down) – where 1 being the most important of the tasks and x being the least important of the tasks. This is your clear plan to be followed. Start with the most important tasks and work towards the less important ones. Remember, always focus one-hundred-percent on a task in question. Never multitask as this would both slow you down and overwhelm you again. Only once you are done with one task, move onto another one.


I myself become overwhelmed by my daily tasks sometimes, but I learnt to always come up with a to-do-list whenever I feel this way. It is no shame feeling like there is too much to be done in a short period of time and there is no way for you to manage it. This feeling comes and goes. Important is to overcome it and not let it discourage you. Fight your draw backs. Do not let them defeat you. You can do anything you want. You just need to learn how to overcome your fears and obstacles. Planning is a great strategy for overcoming all those things that pull you down.


Fight your way out of the troubles because no one else can do it for you. It is you and only you who can save you. If you feel down, get up again. Get back on your track and carry on pursuing your dreams. Nothing can stop you but yourself. Sometimes your courage fades but it is up to you to bring it back into it’s full strength. Focus clearly on what you want to accomplish, plan, act upon your plan, and you are going to get there.


Do not let anything discourage you. You are strong and deserve the best.


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