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Law of attraction


Everything we know, everything around us, both physical and non-physical, is energy. We are energy. The whole universe is energy. And everything depends on a flow of this energy. Law of attraction suggests that everything in the universe works on ‘like attracts like’ principle. This means that everything you put out you’ll receive. There is abundance of everything for everyone. Ask and you’ll be given. What you get depends on what you ask for. Many people don’t have much not because there is not enough resources for all people, but because they ask for lack. They focuse on what they don’t have instead on what they desire. They only acknowledge their disadvantages and suffering rather than on positives and opportunities of their lives. Don’t be shy, ask for whatever you want. When you get it it doesn’t mean someone else will get less. There is enough of resources for all of us.


You may or may not realise it, but you attract both good and bad things that happen in your life. You create your reality and you might not even know it. You get what you give your energy to. You invite both positive and negative influences into your life by thinking and behaving the way you do. Your focus becomes your reality. And you can take contol of your life. Positive attitude towards your life will start bringing more and more positivity to you.


There are some powerful tools anyone can use to consciously and deliberately change a course of their lives. Start every day with positive affirmations. Relax, concentrate, look in the mirror and say out lound whatever you desire in your life. Feel it. It is important that you believe in what you say. Find a quiet place where you feel good and relaxed. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position and start visualizing your dreams, goals and visions. Go over every single detail. Visualize your best day, your dream house or car, your ideal partner, anything you want. It is important to feel good about your visualizations. And remember to be grateful for everything you want. Gratitude brings the reality forward.


Everything starts with your belief in yourself and your potential. Set yourself any goals, believe in your dreams and your ability to achieve them. Do your affirmations and visualizations and don’t forget to be grateful. Be grateful NOW, don’t wait for the results. And remember to be mindful and aware of your thoughts. You can teach yourself to guide your thoughts and feelings, be aware of them and make shifts every time you believe these are not constructive or good for you.


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