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Balanced life

It is important to find a balance in our lives. Many people work too hard and forget about everyday joys. Others do not work hard enough and only search for joy. You cannot get successful without hard work, but what is success for if you do not have time to enjoy it with people you love? To live successful, happy and healthy lives we need to find a good balance between work and free time and joy.


Working hard is inevitable in order to make your dreams come true. You have to have your vision. Then you need to set your intentions, make plans and set deadlines. Also, you have to find out what means will be needed in order to accomplish your targets. Chunking your targets into smaller targets and setting a sequence of specific tasks and backing these up with deadlines are very powerful tools. Dividing your target into smaller chunks makes it much easier for you to succeed. Every time you accomplish another sub-target your self-confidence and motivation grow. Setting deadlines makes success real for you. Knowing your deadlines makes you do your best to stick to them. Again, your motivation grows and you work extra hard to do what you set to do.


However, the principles described above are not the only ones we should cherish. On top of clear vision and hard work, we need to learn to listen to ourselves and to relax. Meditation is a powerful tool. Everyday meditations allow you to find your higher self. You forget about your hard work and everything that surrounds you and about your deadlines and schedules for a bit and your fantasy goes wild. You relax and explore different dimensions. Your thoughts start chunking and splitting and you find new meanings and strategies. Meditations are secret weapon of highly successful people. The best ideas come from listening to your inner self, to your higher self, to your essence. Become interconnected with universe and its endless possibilities.


If you are new to meditations and you do not know how to meditate yourself, you could do a web search and look for a nearest metitaion centre. But if you prefer trying meditations in comfort of your own home, you could find these mobile applications handy: Headspace and Enso. Headspace is an application that provides guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. Enso is meditation timer and bell which is especially useful for those who tend to fall asleep while meditating.





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