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Listen to your intuition

Reason is a big part of our lives. We are brought up to reason things and to understand them. We are taught to think twice and to act once. We are taught to think before we act. We need things to make sense. We rely on our ability to understand and we get uncomfortable when we do not get things. Over centuries we slowly forgot to rely on our intuition. We neglect it and we are not too keen on listening to it. Often we do not trust our intuition and we consider it misleading. We put reason over intuition.



What is this intuition then? Intuition is your ability to understand things based on your instincts, without you consciously reasoning them. Our instincts were designed to protect us, to keep us safe from various dangers. Our instincts have been evolving over the time in accordance to our own development and changing nature of dangerous we have been facing.


Nowadays, most people are not in direct danger of losing their lives every single day due to various predators, extreme weather conditions or lack of food. Today, most of us face different dangers and difficulties. These may vary from lack of education or expertise, over lack of social inclusion, to work overload or powerful competition. People adapt to their environment and thus even to changing nature of setbacks and dangers. Many professionals develop instincts related to their profession that protect them from losses and enable them to get big achievements in their field. Non-professionals also develop instincts related to their life situations. Bidders develop instincts for bidding. Criminals develop instincts to stay away out of prison. Nurses develop instincts for the right care. And the list goes on and on.


Instincts and intuition are important parts of our lives and our decision making processes. Reason is essential for our everyday tasks and our overall development. But we must not forget to pay attention to our inborn strength – our natural equipment that has been keeping us safe and sound over thousands of years. Whenever your reason fails you, sit down, relax and listen to your inner self. Listen to your wild yourself. Listen to your natural you. Your instincts are right. Sometimes your reason will not agree with your intuition but that is ok. Reason is powerful but it is not almighty. After all, reason is a summary of what you have learnt and collected over years. You cannot fail yourself. Give yourself a chance.


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