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My entrepreneurial beginnings

I was watching countless motivational videos and videos about personal growth and success. I became addicted to my vision of becoming independent. I was searching internet like crazy. I was determined to find something even I could do. Something that would set me free. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t looking for some ‘quick fix’. I was looking for a lifetime solution. I was, and I still am, willing to do whatever it takes to build my own business that will provide for me for lifetime.


I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how online business works. I had no idea what it takes to become an entrepreneur. I had no idea where to begin. And I had no idea who I could ask for help. And mentoring from others, from those who know how to succeed and who are masters in their field, is the most you can get to learn.


One day, in January 2017, I was watching this video shot by one Australian guy who used to be a plumber. He was talking about determination and hard work and about travelling the world and making money on the way. This guy was so pumped with energy it was unreal. I said to myself I wanted to do the exact same thing he was doing and I wanted to live the life he was living. And it was only a year later that I found out it happened. I found exactly the same system he was using.


In February 2017 I discovered this incredible educational platform Aspire System – Digital Altitude – created by Michael Force. I’m not going to lie here, I was sceptical at first. But they offered one month trial for 1 dollar which was a bargain. I had nothing to lose, apart from that one dollar which wasn’t big deal. I registered for this system and I was instantly given access to the platform and training videos. All videos were shot by Michael himself. The videos taught me a lot about online marketing from A to Z. It really was worth much much more than just a dollar. On top of this I even got my own coach and mentor who I had weekly 1-on-1 training calls with. Incredible value. There was no going bach for me. I stayed with the system (for just 37 dollars a month – still bargain) and I became an affiliate marketer there too.

Time has been passing fast and I’ve been getting new opportunities more and more often. All that because of me taking a massive action and going for my dreams. I showed universe that I know what I want, that I know who I am and I’m willing to do a hell of a work for it. Within a year I became an affiliate marketer for 4 different businesses and I invested in cryptocurrency. I created multiple streams of income for both me and my beloved partner.


Nothing stops there though. I am still learning new skills and tricks to create even more stable and passive income for life. There’s so much to learn and to try. It’s exciting finding new ways of living and making business from home. It’s incredible and powerful feeling to know that you went from zero knowledge and experience to actually being succesful and motivation for others.


If I managed to do it then anybody can do this too!


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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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