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Power of thoughts

Maybe you already know, or suspect, that your thoughts create your reality. And you are right. Your thoughts project into your actions and into your subconscious and you start, either knowingly or unknowingly, taking steps towards your inner picture. You start adjusting everything you do in a way to fit your thoughts and beliefs. This is true with any thoughts. Even with those that could eventually lead to your failure. And even when you are not willing to admit the fact that your thoughts about yourself or your job or your abilities or your circumstances or whatever are undermining, you will still do whatever is needed for you to meet your expectations.


There are people who desire success and abundance, and they know it deep inside and they have no contraproductive thoughts, and even if they do, they know how to change them into productive ones. They are mindful. And they act in ways to get what they desire. They do not stop until they reach their destination. And there start to appear things and people and opportunities that will move them closer to fulfillment of their dreams. Because they deserve it – they believe in themselves and they do whatever it takes to succeed.


And there are people who SAY they desire success and abundance, but they secretely believe in the right opposite outcome. Thus they might even try to get where they want to be. However, their subconscious and their contraproductive thoughts and their fears lead to undermining actions and they never succeed.  Because they subconsciously create hostile environment for fulfillment of their dreams.


And there are even people who desire social agreement from others rather than self-fulfillment. Such people would do anything to lose and have others feeling pitty for them. They would boycott their chances and opportunities in life in order to fit in. Maybe it is because they fear social exclusion and maybe it is because they do not know any other way of living.


Overall, people differ in their life choices and accomplishments. But it all starts with a thought. It is up to each individual what they are going to do with it. Some desire success, some desire failure and some are confused and affraid. But most important is to be yourself – as long as you are truly happy. If not, change it. Power of your mind is tremendous and can get you anywhere, if you support it with determined action.


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