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Procrastination is enemy of effectivity. Perhaps you also have some experience with procrastination. Do you also switch from working on tasks to cleaning, texting, cooking, sleeping, walking your dog, reading fun articles ….. simply anything other than what you are really supposed to do? Are you not getting where you want to be because you procrastinate? Do you want to get more things done. Do you want to get things done on time? Don’t worry, there are some tricks.


So why do we procrastinate? Elliot Berkman explains that causes of procrastination are often distant deadlines, task difficulty, lack of motivation or sense of importance. He also believes that we can tackle procrastination by maintaining a positive self-concept. We are more motivated to complete tasks that are closely connected to our sense of self. Furthermore, our motivation rises with connecting tasks to our life goals and core values, chunking tasks into smaller and easily achievable bits, and making deadlines seem closer – for instance you may imagine your rewards.



Joel Minden¬†proposes that procrastination can be tackled by optimization of connection between environment and behaviour. This can be achieved by certain behavioural strategies. He believes that the easiest way to beat procrastination is to focus on ABCs of behaviour change. The principle of ABCs is to change environmental Antecedents so it’s easier for you to start with the task, twist the Behaviour itself so the task or process becomes more manageable for you, and amend Consequences so you can keep working on your task until it’s completed.


Successful people don’t have time for procrastination. They would not get where they are by fooling around. Their secret is discipline. They learned to be disciplined. They know what they need to do to succeed and they know that they just have to do it … and do it on time. They do things others are not willing to do and they are willing to focus on them. They have their goals on top of their minds and they work bit by bit towards them.


You can learn discipline too. You can use the simple strategies explained above to become more effective and eliminate procrastination. It’s only about forming a new habit. To form a new habit you need 21 days. Do yourself a massive favour and stick to formation of¬†your new habit for full 21 days. Things will become easier and more natural after that.


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