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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Have you ever heard of T. Harv Eker? No? Well, he is a successful wealthy man who went from broke to making millions and millions of dollars every year.


Do you ask yourself what his secret is? How did he manage to go from zero to hero, from broke to a multi-millionaire? The answer is: he has been incredibly persistent and determined to succeed. He never gave up. He started several businesses, but all of those turned unsuccessful. After years of hard work and struggle he succeeded opening an early retail fitness store. He managed to grow his business to ten branches in two and half years. Selling of part of his business he made his first million and half. However, his money was gone quickly and he started to analyse the way we think about wealth and money.


Eker believes that every individual has a blueprint set for a specific level of financial achievement. He also believes that these blueprints can be changed. This was a turning point for Eker. He managed to change his own blueprint and set his mindset for wealth and also to keeping it. He subsequently developed training programs and seminars based on certain techniques and principles to help millions of people meet their potential and reach wealth.


Eker is an author of his best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind where he describes his wealth principles. It is a very good read. The idea is: when you show that you are ready for the money, you will get it. You need to become a millionaire in your mind and heart first in order to become wealthy. If you are not ready and cannot manage wealth, you will not get it. And if you get it, you will most probably lose it.


Mindset is a very powerful entity which can be trained. Anyone who is struggling today can succeed tomorrow, if they shift their poor mindset to a wealthy one. Start trainig you mind, learn how to be more mindful, monitor your thoughts and shift them when you do not like them. You can apply these principles in any area of your life. It works.


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