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Comformity is rooted in our subconscious minds. We blindly desire to blend in and become just like everybody else. We want a spouse, a house, kids, a career, a good car, a great holiday once or twice a year, a good salary and a promise of sufficient retirement rent.



Yet, the greatest stories and inventions of man kind come from being different, being special, wanting more, having ambitions, striving for advancements in life and desire of becoming someone. What world would we live in, if we all only strived for conformity and basic needs satisfaction. We would still be living in caves hunting mammoths.


Being different makes whole society adjust to new ways of living. It advances humanity. It pushes us forward. When Henry Ford first introduced his cars, people ridiculed him. They believed that his invention was just a silly idea and that people would ride horses forever. The opposite is true nowadays. The list of examples goes on and on. But pushing boundaries of social approval is not just about inventions.


Millions upon millions of individuals have been made to conform or punished for their failure to do so. This has been a truth since the dawn of our civilization. Rulers ruled their clans, territories and kingdoms, and others had to obey. Those who did not, were punished. People have been killing each other because of their religions. During the World War II millions of people were killed because they did not meet Nazi’s criteria. Today, people are harassed and ridiculed because of their sexuality, religion, money situation, image, even style of clothing, …. and the list goes on and on.


Injustice has been happing to people over centuries and thousands of years. However, man kind learnt that development is inevitable and that diversity is a positive and not negative aspect of our lives. Learning about other cultures and accepting people of different religion beliefs and individuals of different sexualities, skin colors, abilities and interests make our development possible.


Every single one of us is slightly or vastly different to everybody else. So please let’s be a little bit more understanding and open every day. This is a beautiful world full of interesting people and you can find something nice or interesting about single one of them. And do not forget to be yourself. Do not blend in. Show world who you truly are. Diversity is beautiful.


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