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This is why you do NOT succeed

Simon Sinek is incredibly inteligent and motivational speaker who explains new social challenge – lack of social skills, self-confidence, addiction to social media and lack of success among young generations born after 1994.


There’s so much wisdom and truth in his speach it’s scary. He talks about failed parenting and unsuccessful ever depressed youth. Overexposure to social media and instant gratification cause tremendous failures when dealing with everyday reality of adulthood.


Overconsumption of anything undermines either your physical or mental health, often both. Even though we base our businesses on social media and technology we shall engage in face-to-face interactions and getting out there with our families and friends and forget about our phones and computers. Do your business, that’s alright, but don’t forget to talk to people and enjoy life. We shall teach our children, support and motivate them but not to lie to them. They need to know what real world is about.


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