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Do you ever tell yourself that right now is not the right time … that you have to wait on better circumstances, better timing, better people, better equipment, better skills, … ? Why is it so? Why do we tend to believe that there is always something and someone better than what we have and who we are? How can we be so certain that we are not enough and that we are not equipped well enough to gain any goal we set for ourselves? Resources are inexhaustible. We can do anything at any time and anywhere we set for yourselves. Even if we do not have what we need for our success, we can get it. If we ask for it, we will get anything we want. If we open up our minds and look out for opportunities that are given to us, we will succeed. Our only limitation is ourselves. Only our own small mindedness can prevent us from getting anywhere and anything we want. 



Once your mind is set on a certain goal, act on it. Act first and then aim. Boldness will carry you towards your dream destination. Remember that there is no ‘perfect time’, but any time is perfect. Once you know what your deepest desire is, go get it. There is no reason why you could not get where you want to be. You deserve the best. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to fulfill your potential. You just have to want it. And you have to want it a lot. You have to want it so much that you dream about it, you visualize yourself there where you want to be, you live your dream already, you feel its presence in your today’s life, and you know that you deserve it and you know that it is what you have. Then go and act upon your desire. Even if you only do a little action today, it can mean a huge jump for you in future. You may be puzzled and not sure what to do. You may think that there is no way for you to manage it. But do not get fooled. You can do anything. Just go for it. Start small and progress higher. Start doing your research and see what your options are. If you truly want it, you will find your ways to attain it. 


Beginning might be harsh, but have your goals still on top of your mind and you will get through it. There is nothing sweeter in your life than getting that which you wish, living your dream life. Remember to act on your dreams. Do not wait for tomorrow, next month, next year … and start acting now. There are never going to be just the perfect conditions – you will always be working long hours, have families, be in love, be traveling or going through some kind of crisis. So start today. Stop wasting your precious time and make your life the best life. 


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