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Ups and downs

Our lives, people we meet, emotions and feelings we feel and situations we go through are like a rich colour pallet. Never do we experience two exact same life events. Never do we meet two exact same people. Never there is a situation happening in exact same manner twice. Never can you love two different people the same way. Therefore, you never know what life will bring your way next time.



Yes, we do create our own reality. But we only set our goals. The way these are brought onto us is not under our control. It is essential to create definite plans on how you intend to attain your goals. However, you may reach your destination half way through the plan. Or you may need to extend your plans a bit to get where you are heading. The point is, whether you follow every single step of your plan or you alter it on the way, you never know when exactly you will get what you strive for. You may get is sooner or later, one way or another. But you will get there. Do not give up.


Life events may be both favourable and unfavourable. There are going to be bumps on the road. This should not stop you though. The best things in life wait for you just past your fear. You cannot get something for nothing. You must show that you are willing to do anything it takes. You must prove your persistance and determination. You must be willing to overcome failure and go on. You must show that you are the one who is worth the things you wish for. You must be ready for them. You will not get anything untill you are ready for it.


Become flexible. You do not have to stick to a certain strategy, tool, system or company. They all come and go. All you need to concentrate on is your destination, your goal, your vision. The rest can be altered on your way. Do not let trips and falls stop you from getting what you desire. Always have your goal on top of your mind. Be persistent and do not allow people who surround you make you think your goals and dreams are stupid or unrealistic.


I was looking for the right system to enable me to make money online. Without any experience I found a great company that provided me with a ton of training and support. I was a happy member of their family. I learned a lot and I was on a way to making my dreams come true.  However, the system got shut down. I did not know what to think or what to do. My money I invested in the system was gone and I did not know what to do. Luckily, thanks to my new comunity – people I connected with due to the system in question – I was instantly offered another opportunity. I did not let this unfortunate event crush me. I lost money and I lost security but I found amazing people and I learned a lot. So when new opportunity came along I was ready for it. I had to alter my plan but I am getting where I want to be.


Always follow your heart and NEVER ever let failure stop you from getting what you wish for.


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