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Your happiness depends on you


The degree of everyone’s happiness depends on everyone’s attitude to own life. As well as you create your life by everything you do, think and believe, you also create and influence your own happiness by your attitude to your life events – both those good and bad ones. We all experience happy moments in our lives. Sadly, we all experience sad moments too. However, the outcome always depends on you. You either let the happenings ruin your day, week, year and maybe even your whole life … or … you take it as it is, you cope and you move on without hard feelings. You can either keep reminding yourself of the bad times and suffer all over again and again and again … or … you can move on, start focusing on the good things and live a happy life.


We all make our own choices. There is no-one else to be blamed for our mistakes as there is no-one else to be rewarded for our hard work and achievements. So if you are not happy with your life as it is now, do something to change it. Go out there and explore your opportunities, find out what your true desires are and what makes you truly happy. Start focusing on things that make sense to you, that make you smile every day, that allow you to live your life fully and up to your standard. There is not enough time to be worried and miserable. Replace things, places and people that make you feel bad with positive alternatives that always make you feel at ease and happy.


The purpose of our lives is to fulfill our full potential, live abundant lives, be happy and help others. There is enough good for everyone. We have only been taught and conditioned to think otherwise. Our history might have been harsh but our presence and future is in our hands. We are here to create better tomorrow for ourselves and for our children. Our lives are flexible, they respond to our behavior, believes and feelings. Whatever we do, think and believe reflects in our presence and future. Whatever we decide our lives to be like, we will get just that. You can change your life any minute. You just need to start acting on your decision and working for better tomorrow.


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